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NEW!!   Skype Coaching... Problem solving, personal crisis management plus empowerment via the web!

The internet has provided us with many useful tools and none so clever as Skype; a free, easily downloaded communication network where consultations and discussions can take place face to face and in real time.

So, if you find yourself 'stuck' and need alternative views to consider and skills to deal with it, you can now book an appointment with Lesley.

Contact; Lesley (@) dragondynamics.co.uk


On the brink of change but don't know what to do?

Communication problems at work?


Lesley Rodgers has terrific transformational tools that will help you make healthy decisions for YOU!

Personal development has only recently become trendy but it's been around for eons, with each culture having specific rituals to aid an individual on his life's mission. 
You don't need to go off into the wilderness to find answers...

Team building     Stress management           Confidence      Coping skills

Empowerment    Conflict Resolution             Communication       Reiki   

Anger Management

Confidence Boost  Business Boost

Challenges for clients, staff and management ...

High Ropes            Kayaking            Crate Climbing              Raft Building

Boardbreaking      Glasswalking      Firewalking

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