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No growth without assistance

No action without reaction

  No desire without restraint

Twin Flame Firewalks ~ for couples who like to take things a stage further!

Lesley Rodgers presents Confidence Boost

This is a day of learning new and transformational skills to improve your life. Having the confidence to make decisions or skills to change your ways is the difference between staying stuck and living your dream.

As more people struggle to cope with life's difficulties, it's become even more important to stay ahead of the game... THIS is the time to grasp the nettle and make choices which are good for you, in FULL confidence.

The training has something for everyone; empowering activities and learning experientially while challenging personal blocks and barriers - as well as taking a little time out to manage stress. This workshop is ideal for anyone facing change, seeking coping skills or for those in the front line dealing with other people's challenging behaviour.

The day begins  at 9.30am with refreshments as we register attendance. Lunch is provided and we finish at around 4pm.

For more information email; Lesley(@)lesleyrodgers.co.uk

Kick The Habit

Giving up the 'again'. For this type of training we must have the desire to kick the habit of again; whatever it is.

Transformational training has the ability to open the mind to new possibilities but only after the initial desire to change what is, is acknowledged.

Crisis forces change.
Why wait until the again becomes a problem in other areas of your life?

Well, usually people do wait 'til crisis point because we assume we are stronger than the again. Then, somewhere along the line and before we know it, again has struck again, sucking away all our powerful energy.

There is no reason to wait, reclaiming your power from the again can be fun as well as challenging and rewarding.

Book now for the next Kick The Habit workshop and get over the again!

Business Boost 

Innovation and forward thinking are vital in keeping ahead in any type of business but underlying beliefs can sometimes destroy our chances before we even make it to the start-line.

So, whether you're new to business or a seasoned entreprenuer this event will propel you to the next stage - enabling you to apply confidence, new skills and techniques in personal power in your field.

We will work through personal fears and barriers to business freedom PLUS - you'll get the opportunity to Walk Your Talk while having fun networking.

Pre-registration is required please email Lesley (@) lesleyrodgers.co.uk for information

Walk Your Talk Networking

A bookable networking event with a difference to enhance YOUR event...

Exchanging business cards is all very well but establishing long-term relationships is what we aim for; synchronistically meeting the right people at the right time.

As a business-woman of over eight years, Lesley has become a successful Personal Development Consultant - surviving and thriving in business using innovative, being flexible and put to good use her own transformational techniques.

In her unique style, Lesley also openly shares her knowledge of what works and what doesn't in business.

Networking events provide a platform to help you engage with the business world and the expertise surrounding you, with opportunities to build relationships for future collaboration.

We begin with focused attention on pitching with feedback as Lesley introduces a communication tool not often associated with business, followed by the BizQuiz and there's still plenty time to mingle. 

If you want to give your networking event an edge, contact Lesley for more information; Lesley (@)lesleyrodgers.co.uk

Deep State Relaxation & Trauma Release 

One or two hour sessions including Life Coaching by appointment.

If you would like further information or to book a place on a training day, please use the sign up box and we'll be in touch asap.

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