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Lesley Rodgers ~

Personal Development Consultant & Empowerment Instructor


Lesley loves to help others self-empower to reach a greater personal potential through the use of innovative and transformative techniques. 

Lesley is Scotland's only Empowerment Instructor; first female Firewalking Instructor and unique facilitator of personal growth techniques..

From behind prison walls to the boardroom Lesley challenges, aids and supports individuals to make the necessary changes and improvements in their lives or field of business.

Lesley opens channels of communication, generating alternative viewpoints and practical coping skills, with a focus on THE most positive and 'greater good' outcome, her speciality.

Having in excess of twelve years experience in personal development, her unique and direct methods challenge conditioning and current thinking; providing coping skills whilst seeking balance and peace in the result.

No matter the age, size or purpose of a group, Lesley finds ways of bonding and building a strong team; her Team Building training is always a winner, with emphasis on Dignity at Work and Equality, adding a hint of humour where appropriate.

Personal development has never been so necessary!

In today's climate it's more important now than ever to work through our issues. These beliefs and behaviours that once were our 'protection' no longer serve us. It's time to rid ourselves of the negatives of the past and reclaim our rightful personal power, allowing ourselves to move on at speed, without the baggage.   

Life-skills coaching is available to individuals and groups with a common purpose - finding new and trusted skills to deal with life. .

Skype coaching is available for those who need urgent attention to resolve conflict or regain confidence, perhaps in time for an important event or just to get back on top of things.

Appointments can be arranged via email: Lesley (@) lesleyrodgers .co.uk

Lesley also provides Stress Prevention & Stress Management Programmes. These are two halves of the same whole, and she works to strike the right balance.

Lesley is a qualified Holistic Therapist, Firewalk Instructor, Reiki Master & Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Life-Skills Coach and Intuitive Problem Solver.

Personal Development

For years people have asked me what it is that I do and I've got to admit to not labelling it one way or another. I cover a wide range of activities so perhaps I wasn't able to define it then either!

I'm now happy to accept the titles of Empowerment Instructor and  'Personal Development Consultant' - and that expertise lies in my ability to deal with the root cause of problems and seek appropriate and acceptable solutions. 

Personal growth isn't any one thing. It may be that some have the privilege to pursue a single path but for most of us, that isn't possible so we seek knowledge to expand our horizons, growing as an individual en route.

Personal development, for me, is slightly different in that I consider it an inner journey - not an external ego trip. We can add all that we learn to our growth charts and professionally we'll do ok, but what about the bits of us we don't particularly like and haven't yet changed?

Developing ourselves is quite a task and the commitment to it may be daunting!

There are fears to overcome, barriers to break and obstacles on that path; grief, anger, anxiety, depression - different skills are now needed to negotiate the way forward. This is a time to invest in ourselves; participate in activities which encourage growth, provide
peak experiences and the resolution to develop the 'self'. The journey then takes an energy all of it's own.

Lesley's workshops are designed to learn about ourselves experientially; widening perception, 
pushing personal boundaries while enabling  different ways of thinking to emerge.
Lesley (@) dragondynamics.co.uk (+44) 079 666 49370

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Lesley's aims and objectives

  • To maintain the highest quality training
  • To build confidence, self-esteem & self-efficacy
  • To promote & encourage personal responsibility
  • To promote an inclusive society and improve the community


Lesley (@) dragondynamics.co.uk